Cuerpos en Movimiento

Every day, we woke up to follow.

One morning, we woke up - and understood the importance of leading.

Our individualities moved into unification. The ideology of ruling one´s own fate hovers above our heads. To stand up for ourselves. To demand humanity and dignity from an intangible construct, called society, called politics, called economy. We begin to understand that quantity has a voice. We form a collective that breaths, speaks, moves in one rhythm. We move boundaries. We develop.

As with construction comes destruction, our collective falls apart. It splits into different ideologies. It changes, it moves, and rebuilds.

A common thought spread in many heads is a constant development into indefinite directions. What only keeps us together is the individual wish for the change that caused the waking up in the first place.

The piece undergoes the different states of an autonomously formed collective without leaders. We can observe the development from construction to destruction, always with hearts pulsing with enthusiasm. Individuals getting lost in the collective, breaking out of the collective and always moving forward, trying to form a constantly changing matter.

Concept/ Choreography: Nadine Freisleben

Performers: Eduardo Javier Ibacache Luque, Antonina Valderrama Sáez, Jesenia Oblitas Villarroel, Juan Pablo Rivera Moragrega, Yiyo Olivares, Nicole Briones, Danielle Andrea Günther Taucare, Krashna Nogueira Gonzalez, Fernando Montanares Letelier, Paul Andrews Hernandez Torres, Ivan Alvarez, Camilo Francisco Pinto Arruzas, Catalina Poblete, Fabian Zarzuri, Sacha Veliz, Camila Sarabia, Fernanda Wande, Vaitiare Vargas

Fotos: Leo Olivares Espinoza

Cuerpos en Movimiento - going deeper

We are at war with a powerful enemy". These were the first words of the Chilean president Sebastian Pinera about the unrest that developed explosively in the capital Santiago de Chile in October 2019. The term “enemy” hereby refers to his own people.

Chile is one country among many that is fighting against its authorities. In the Chilean protests, people organized themselves to go out on the streets demanding justice, dignity and humanity. Amongst others, they denounce the use of natural resources, the health and pension system and the similarity to the past military government. The answer of those who are in possession of power is violent. Many protesters are killed or seriously injured. Justice is a matter of opinion.

Authorities and power are made of politics, economy and media: They embody what influences the present society the most. They embody what makes a series of events become normality. But what happens when a person can no longer stand his current normality? When one protesting voice multiplies by many? When numerous individuals come together to form a collective - a collective that moves in one rhythm? Can power then switch sides?

The masses of Chileans who went on the streets spread their experiences on social networks in form of videos and fotos. It didn't take very long and other people in other countries did the same A normality of standing-up-for-oneself was created. This development is just at the beginning of its influence on the societies of the world.

Concept/ Choreography: Nadine Freisleben

Performers: Eduardo Javier Ibacache Luque, Valentina Aracelli Aguilar, Krashna Noguera, Sacha Veliz, Tomas Alvarez Mella, Camilo Francisco Pinto Arruzas, Michelle Draguicevic, Juan Pablo Rivera

Fotos: Michael Palape Berríos