Die Realisierten

A dance theatre piece concerning the movement of our subconscious world

The performers of Die Realisierten dive into the fragile world that lies between dream-state and ‘reality’. Whilst searching for their personal truths they must encounter their inner selves.

Every human's spirit speaks through her or his personality. This spirit’s desires, fears and emotions of past and present experiences merge into an uncontrollable and thunderous force – the subconsciousness. The subconscious mirrors itself in dreams and creates a world without borders.

In contrast, our conscious world consists of a social environment that places behavioural pressures on the individual. Humans create illusions to suppress individual desire and encourage the formation of a ‘swarm mentality’. These normative rules form a common reality, and this becomes defined by the social reality as the only truth.

In Die Realisierten the dancers and musicians first encounter one another in an ‘everyday life’ setting. It seems that everything has its place, that everything is under control. Gradually the presumed common reality blurs into a fictional world. Almost imperceptibly, behavioural patterns shift and begin to disturb the normative picture. The individual perception of each performer - defined by their personal spirit - comes into play. Subjective realities clash and melt into a new absurd, yet harmonious, world.

A space is then created that turns the performers’ inner worlds to the outside, their secrets exposed to the audience. Thoughts led by fears, desires and emotions appear on the surface, where they grow into demonic forces. The performers must confront their inner demons, and ultimately merge with this facet of their innermost selves.

The live musical soundscape is created by Sonido Sur. The artist uses sound in combination with his physical presence to both support and add a new dimension to the message of the piece.

The music and sound atmosphere for Die Realisierten evokes the duality that exists within our realities. It is never just one reality. From our thoughts our realities are shaped, filtered or unfiltered by our actions and our words. The music is precisely that, the filter and the non filtered thoughts put into sounds. They take shape from an improvised and intuitive design of sounds, instruments and rhythms. Using a native Andean instrumentation combined with software sounds, the intention of the music for Die Realisierten is to create a dimension where the duality is embraced within the performance. The atmosphere of sounds is home to both the dream and “the truth”, the balance and the anxiety, the individual and the social, the calm and the disturbance. They are all coexisting realities.

Each performer individually reveals her or his personal reality in the midst of situative moments. The audience dives into each performers’ personal psychological reality, whilst each performer is simultaneously confronted with the ‘objective’ reality.

The audience is pulled into the vortex of a collective subconscious. With a determined tenderness the piece creates a weightless world full of absurdity.

Artistic residency

GAU Company was chosen for the Bavarian artist in residency programme of A.R.z.T. e.V., where Nadine Freisleben and Lioba Kaszemeik created the piece „Die Realisierten“ together with chosen dancers and musicians. The residency lasted 4 weeks, where the Company lived and created togeher at KARI Tanzhaus in Kempten.

Tanzherbst Kempten

Performance year: 2018

Short performances: Allgäuer Festwoche, 69. Kunstausstellung im Rahmen der Allgäuer Festwoche

Performers: Sarah Maria Cook, Lioba Kaszemeik, Micheal Ejinkeonye, Sarah Bleasdale, Felipe Andrès, Nadine Freisleben

Music: Sonido Sur

Photographies: blauracke