Exit to Endorphia

In western social behavior, happiness is considered the mental or emotional state which is the highest driven point to reach, as a human being. Each person in this world is constantly, unconsciously or consciously, on their personal path to finding their perspective of happiness. To each is different than the other.

GAU Company focuses on this theme in Exit to Endorphia. Narrowing down specifically to focus on the competitive adrenaline rush one feels during their journey to their personal happiness. The opposing side to this sensation, is the consequential feeling that loneliness brings to our everyday lives. The feeling of “is it going to get better?”.

Endorphia, is selected as a fictional location that the performers live in. They are experiencing different societal recognized emotional themes, while seeking their individual happiness.They are confronted by their dreams, fears, and hopes. In their imaginary world they stand together and then subsequently fall apart, always accompanied by their unstable emotions. The most stable element in their life is that they are never stable.

Life is their journey and happiness, their prize, their personal paycheck, or reward for hard work.

Exit to Endorphia succeeds to question aesthetically, the definition of happiness. These questions are realized through the language of dance, acrobacy, and live music. The performers go through “real-life” experiences and then translate these thoughts through theatrical elements to the audience. Every audience member can identify with the staged situations, no audience/performer interaction is necessary or implemented because the audience is directly addressed by the staged scenarios.

The piece focuses on using dance-theatre and contemporary dance as an artistic illustration of everyday life situations, exaggerated in extremes to broadcast specific stylistic, choreographic intentions. The piece faces dark satire elements to build the atmosphere. The ultimate test, how far will one go to find their personal happiness, and what does the journey involve along the way.

GAU Company is taking their audience away from their personal reality and giving room for common realizations on what is concluded by positive and negative aspects in life.With sufficient equipment it is possible to perform Exit to Endorphia in theatres as well as in public spaces. The piece can be adapted to the provided environment. The performers transform the given space into their stage.