GAU Company

The acronym GAU stands for GenerationAndereUmstände, which means generation of other circumstances. In common parlance it more often stands for größter anzunehmeder Unfall, which means worst case scenario. GAU Company plays with this ambivalence to highlight the polarising pressure in the contemporary social, media and political environment.

Recent Work

Beasts: at each other´s mercy

Two men clash. Manliness is challenged, there can only be one alpha animal. Passion stirs up a fight. They leave traces on each other, seeking to manipluate, dominate and eliminate.The bodies melt into an aggressive unity. Their gladiatorial passion yields to an intensive physicalness. The blood is pulsing, the muscles strengthen, sweat is running down the skin, the face deformed into an excited grimace in heavy breathing. Agression and passion, like hate and love melt into each other. Every touch communicates pure ecstasy. Deeply entangled they are at each other´s mercy. Being aware of their excitement, the choice of giving in to it would be a wonderful betrayal. The concept of manliness wins.

Concept: Nadine Freisleben

Dancer: Ofek Admoni, Aaron Vazquez

Film edit: Aaron Vazquez