The Voyage of May Donne

a multidisciplinary poetry performance collaboration

The Voyage of May Donne is an odyssey poem. A tale of thefts, wonder and insult, with a protagonist by the name of May Donne. May Donne is young, gifted and precocious. She can sing clear, has a musical ear, a skull-full of story and a hand that can tell it on canvas. She is from the Land of the Dead. Not much changes there and there is not much reason to change. May has notions, precipitous emotions and a reckless drive. She leaves the Land of the Dead hungry for newness and eager to prove her prowess. May gets lost in act of finding. Visits eleven archetypal islands, known collectively as the Aty Archipelago. May sails to each in a boat with a sail made of feathers bound to a lattice, of her own design.

Written and performed by Turlach O´Broin

Choreography and dance by Nadine Freisleben

Music composed and performed by Cecilia Ferron

Spontanous illustration performed by Carlo Bortolini

Premier: 8th of June 2019, Katapult Berlin

After the Storm

a restaging

After the Storm is an Aisling. The poetic form was invented as a clandestine way to speak of the forbidden, that is, to ferment rebellion in Ireland in the 17th century. In these poems the speaker, sorest bent and troubled, lamenting the state of his country meets a Woman of the Sky (Spéirbhean) when wandering in the wilderness. The Spéirbhean sings the speakers sorrows and promises that the next rebellion will be successful. The speaker is then offered a choice between a return to reality or a one-way trip with the ethereal Spéirbhean, that is, a choice between a slim hope or escape into fantasy. These are the rules of the form, however poets don’t tend to stick to rules. Within three decades of its invention satire claimed the form for its own. It was used to mock; posturing puffed would-be rebels promising quick fixes, the naivety of poets and the selfishness of spirits. O Broin has updated this form of poetry. Setting the poem on a beach in Ireland at the time of the last financial crisis (2009). The bankrupt poet Poraic Scuse meets a Woman of the Sky, but things do not go according to plan. The piece blends myth, contemporary dance and classical violin.

Written and performed by Turlach O´Broin

Choreography and dance by Nadine Freisleben

Music composed and performed by Cecilia Ferron

Date: 28th of June 2019, LetMeIn Festival Berlin

At my mercy

a solo work

A site specific work in progress about boundaries, shown at the festival Cité des Arts de la Rue in Marseille.

Date: 7th of July 2019


As a multidisciplinary Performance Ensemble, GAU Company offers trainings in different art forms, such as dance, theatre, fotography, music or acrobacy. Members of GAU Company give the trainings of their own artistic backrounds.

The focus of the dance classes held by Nadine Freisleben is directed towards the natural and instinctive movement repertory of the individual dancer´s body. We research on the capabilities of the body and the mind to move in a non-regimented space. We are getting rid of physical and psychological automatisms and judgements.

African Dance elements have a high influence on the technic. The body is being struc-tured within it´s weight into the space and connected to the environment. The build up of strength is working from the base, the feet on the floor, to the top, the head in the clouds. With awareness we loosen up the spine and the neck and strengthen the deep muscles. After we´ve found the permeability of the whole body, the exercises get very physical and energetic, still following the energetic build up.

The technic contains a mix of western contemporary dance, dance acrobatics, floorwork, popping-, and african dance elements.

Upcoming Dates

4th May - 6th May 2020 at Tanzbüro Basel CH

16th March - 20th March 2020 at Tanznetz Freiburg DE

1st July - 5th July 2019 at Pole 164, Marseille FR

29th July - 1st August 2019 at ProDance, Leeds GB

8th August - 17th August 2019 at Summer Intensive Danceworks, Berlin DE

10th September - 27th September 2019 at KARI TANZHAUS, Kempten DE